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Our Art Learning Journey

Tina Meltz

Using a new artist as our inspiration today, we used watercolours to recreate the work of Tina Meltz. We now know how to use simple line drawings to create a building landscape.


Today we used a new media to create collage pictures inspired by The Great Fire of London. We now know how to layer different media to create certain effects.

Tudor Houses:

We have used the topic of The Great Fire of London as inspiration for our artwork this topic. Today we looked closely at the houses from this time and now know that Tudor houses had lines and patterns on them. Today we used charcoal and paper to create houses using lines and patterns. We now know how effective black and white pictures look and are very pleased with our results. 

Colour Mixing:

Using Turner's Great Fire of London painting as our inspiration, we were curious to learn how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.  We now know that we must mix yellow and red (primary colours) to make orange (secondary colour).  We also know that we can add more red/yellow to make a darker/lighter shades of orange.