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Portraits - anatomy of the head (Spring term)

As part of the portrait area of our Art curriculum, we have started to learn and enhance our skills in drawing heads with the correct proportions, detailed eye, nose and mouth sketches in order to build up towards our finished portraits. We have learned all about shapes that our anatomy creates, adding shade or value to create a realistic and 3D effect, minute details such as which way eyelashes curve according to the quadrant of the eye and how the direction of light sources impacts our drawing.

Sculpture - Andy Goldsworthy (Autumn Term)

During part of our Forest School session, we used our researched knowledge of the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy to create our own inspired version of natural sculptures. We used leaves, twigs and other natural objects that we could find around the Forest School site to create our masterpieces.

Our finished Viking clay sculptures

Our Viking Clay designs (Autumn term)

These are our designs for our Viking clay sculptures which links to our Viking topic. We did designs based off the Norse Gods. Some people did Thor and Zeus also Oden. We used Viking patterns to fill in black spaces such as crosses, zigzags, dots, triangles and stars. Our actual clay models were based of relief art and are 10cm long, 3cm wide and 1cm thick.