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How does it feel to destroy God's creation?

We now know just how it feels when God's creations get destroyed by man!  Today we spent time making a picture and then it was ripped up, screwed up and scribbled on.  We discussed how this made us feel and linked it to how God feels when trees are cut down or litter is dropped on the floor.  We were inspired to be better individuals and all vowed to take better care of God's special world - we decided that we could make a difference by not dropping litter, turning off the taps to save water and reusing plastic bottles.

Challenge: Can you be a creator?

Today we were inspired to become a creator and we were able to use anything in the classroom to be creative - were we as creative as God?  

Story of Creation

Today we read the Story of Creation and used it to inspire us to retell the story using Arts and Crafts.  Here are some of our creations.  We now know how God made the world in 7 days and we have the confidence to retell the story of Creation using our art work as a reminder.