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Fire Engines

In our topic Fire Fire! we have enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London. We have also compared fire fighters jobs from the past to now. After we visited Wesham Fire Station and learnt all about the equipment inside a fire engine we then planned and created our own fire engines. We focused on the chassis having axles and wheels as well as some of the other equipment needed on a fire engine such as the ladders and hose. We are then going to evaluate our work on what we thought went well and what we could improve next time. 

Our Pigs

As part of our topic 'Animals Around the World' we have focused on pigs. In DT we have planned to make a pig face and then used salt dough to create this design. After the pig had dried we painted it to look like our plan. We then evaluated our work thinking about the good parts and the parts that we could improve next time.