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Finishing our tents - adding the outer material

Today we added the final parts of our tent and added the material to the outsides. We glued on individual sheets of fabric to enclose our structure. We are very happy with the results.

Making our tent structures

Today we built the structure of our tents using lolly pop sticks to replicate the poles. We needed to use hot glue guns to join the wood to make sure they were joined and strong. 

Designing a Tent - Investigation:

Today we had a look at the places in which an explorer would sleep.  We explored tents looking closely at how they were constructed and then planned and made a model tent.  This was an investigatory lesson where we were tasked with finding out what a good tent needs;  we now know that the most important thing is getting the structure of the tent correct!

Design and Make a Sleeping Bag for an Explorer:

 To link in with our Geography and History work on explorers, we were set a challenge to design and make a sleeping bag for an explorer.  We were excited and interested by this challenge and set to work to firstly think about what made a good sleeping bag.  We used our knowledge of Science Materials and know that a sleeping bag is warm, soft, waterproof and light.  We then looked at the design and shape of a sleeping bag and had fun planning out how we wanted our sleeping bag to look. 

Firstly we made a prototype sleeping bag out of paper - we needed lots of resilience for this task as the origami was very tricky.  Then we created a design using thick paper napkins and learnt that PVA glue would be the best way to join this material.  We enjoyed using fabric pens to create our designs but found that we had to be gentle as the material was very delicate.  Finally... the best part... SEWING!  We now know how create a simple stich loop to help join together two pieces of material.  We enjoyed sewing two sides of the fabric together to make our sleeping bags.  To test if our sleeping bags were successful, we reviewed them and compared them to our original designs.  We are very proud of what we have created!