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Signs of Spring - Remembering Jesus and being thankful for new life.

Look at how our daffodils have changed!  We are so pleased to see the signs of new life in our daffodils and are thankful to God for this.  We know how these plants remind us of Jesus dying and rising again as they themselves will die but will spring again next year.  We are curious to see if we have the knowledge to take care of these plants at home and to see if we can succeed in caring for them again next year!

Easter Garden - Update

Look at how our Easter Garden has grown!  We now need to use our Science knowledge to help us care for our garden and we have assigned monitors to be in charge of watering and pruning the grass and flowers as they grow.  We are interested to watch our garden grow and develop over time!

Easter Garden

Now that we have the knowledge to retell and answer questions about the Easter story, we wanted to become creative and construct our own Easter garden.  We had a look at the different symbols which represent the Easter story and new life and then planted out own Easter garden using new and old materials to show how something old can be turned into something beautiful. Our Easter garden is made of finger painted flowers to decorate the outside. We made grass heads to look like grassy hills, and made mini beasts out of colourful clay to represent new life. We are curious to see our garden grow and develop in the run up to Easter. 


Signs of Spring

To begin our new RE unit 'Easter', we went on a spring hunt around our school to inspire us. We were searching for any signs of new life. We then went back to school and looked at the life cycle of a daffodil then planted our own daffodils which we are going to monitor over the next 6 weeks. 

We had a special visit from a Giant African Land Snail. We thought about the life cycle of the snail and even got to look at its babies. We are looking forward to spotting more signs of spring and new life over the next few weeks.