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In school today we celebrated World Book Day 2022.  The theme this year was bedtime stories.  Look at all the fun we had.

We dressed up.

We listened to 'Aliens Love Underpants' and completed some activities about the story.

We made an invitation for the 'Motivate with Words' session in church on 4.3.2020.

We listened to 'Here Come the Aliens' and created our own aliens- yikes! We tried to make them as colourful as the ones in the book.

Arrrgh! The aliens are coming!

Phew, the aliens have gone. We can settle down and share our books.

Oh no!

Free Reading

We really enjoy spending our first part of our afternoons reading our library books. We use this time to explore the illustrations and read parts by ourselves or with our friends. 

Role Play Nativity Story

We have been learning about the Nativity story for our performance and in RE. This week in English we have been focusing on retelling the story. Today we enjoyed doing role play with the costumes of the Nativity story. We thought about the adjectives we would use to describe the people from the bible and used these during us retelling the story. 

Reading to Molly

Some Y1 children had the opportunity to read to Molly the dog today. We found this very exciting and thought that dogs are the best listeners! 

Phonics 'ar' Sound

In our phonics session we have been looking at the 'ar' digraph. We played a game to read as many words with the sound 'ar' in as we could with our partners/ groups. Our favourite word to read was 'shark', we thought of the sentence- 'The shark had big teeth.'

Roald Dahl Day

We have enjoyed learning about the author Roald Dahl and thinking about all the books and films from his books that we have read and watched. We decided that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was our favourite! We then followed a set of instructions to create our own chocolate cakes just like from the book.