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English Term 4 Week 3: Reading Buddies

Reading with our partners is a key time in our English and phonics sessions in small groups. We take it in turns to read a page and point to the words. This way we can help coach each other and learn the skills to be good reading buddies. 

Persuasive Writing and letters in Year 2

Year 2 have been doing some fantastic writing today to persuade Mums and Dads to come to our Christmas Fair ‘Soft Toy Tombola Stall’ on Thursday 1st December after school. Our writing used features of letters and some persuasive vocabulary too!

Reading Partners in Read Write Inc

We enjoy helping each other read in our English lessons each day. Learning our green and red words and using our Fred Talk Skills supports our reading. 

Read Write Inc in Year 2

We are learning new sounds in our daily phonics and spotting them on the sound chart. Our Fred Fingers help us to spell out words using the sounds we know. This is improving our English skills and confidence in writing. Thanks Fred for helping us!

Pleasure for Reading: Library Time in Year 2

We enjoy reading books in our little school library. It gives us the opportunity to extend the range of books we read and share stories with our friends too.  This time improves our reading skills and confidence in reading and choosing books. 

National Poetry Day

We loved having our visiting Poet Paul Cookson in our class for national poetry day! This really improved our knowledge of writing poems and gave us a fantastic opportunity to improve our confidence when we were performing them out loud together 👏🏼.

Learning our Spellings in Year 2

In Year 2 we help each other to learn our words of the week each day and improve our confidence by using the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method this week to see if this helps us to learn our words. 

Our Read Write Inc Lessons

Our Read Write Inc lessons with Fred the frog are helping us to improve our phonics and writing. Our talk partners and reading buddies are helping us to improve knowledge and resilience as we hall each other to read.