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19.5.23- Phonics activities

We have enjoyed joining in with a range of phonics games and activities today. We played word bingo, found the sounds and words hiding in the rice, searching for sounds under the golden river and splatting the sound bugs. 

4.5.23- Library Visit

Every week we enjoy visiting our school library and choosing a new book to take home to read for pleasure. 

31.3.23- Karate Reading Challenge

Well done to the children that have read 10 books and have received their white bands! 

17.3.23- Sound hunt

In our whole class phonics session we revised the sound 'ay'. We talked about how it was special friends and a digraph as it was two letters making one sound. We then worked in pairs to find words with this sound in and wrote them on the boards with sound buttons. We then wrote a sentence including one of the 'ay' words.

3.3.23- Sound Bugs

We have had a good phonics session looking at and sounding out the sound bugs. We then had to splat the sounds that we heard in the words. 

25.11.22- Is it 'is' or is it 'are'?

Today we have been building on our sentence writing skills.  We have been learning when to use ‘is’ and when to use ‘are’ in our sentences.  We thought of a sentence, said it and then wrote it.  We then read our sentences to our partner to check that they made sense by us having used the correct word.

We are published poets!

Inspired after the visit of the real life poet Paul Cookson, Year 1 had the confidence to enter a poetry competition.  We are very proud to have our poems successful published in a real life book!