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Today the children considered, the emotions, thoughts and actions of a character. They worked together to generate questions that they might ask a character about the way they behaved.

Today the children have been role playing scenes from Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, to practise a dialogue between two characters before moving on to write it.They all seemed to enjoy this.

Stories from other cultures

Identifying similes and metaphors game.

The focus of today’s lesson was to understand and use similes and metaphors to help make our writing more interesting. By the end of the lesson the children identified both and were able to write interesting sentences of their own that included a simile or metaphor. 

Meet the Creative Writing Club

Harry Potter - Writing Unit

Our writing unit for this term is based on the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone novel. We created our very own Harry Potter chapter called 'The malfunctioning Typewriter'. 


Below you will find our reading corner which has been turned into Harry Potter's under the stairs bedroom. We also used this for a drama activity and 'hot seating' to develop our understanding about Harry Potter's life. The children sat in the bedroom listening to the sounds around them. This included Dudley breaking toys upstairs, insulting Harry, Petunia on the phone, discussing how wonderful Dudley is etc. 



Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been trying to solve the mystery of the missing Mona Lisa painting from our classroom. The children were surprised to find out that the painting was also stolen from the Louvre Museum in 1911. This term we have been focusing on writing a newspaper report based on the 'Missing Mona Lisa' Painting.