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Today 8/6/23, we tried debating for the first time. The children have been reading ‘The Dancing Bear,’ and held a debate about whether the bear should be sent to a zoo. They put forward their opinions trying to use vocabulary that is relevant to arguments and debates.

Play scripts

Myths and Legends

Practising our comprehension skills.

We are working on our skills at retrieving information from a text and deducing what the text doesn’t tell us from what we know.

Reading for pleasure, Honor help out today as I had lost my voice. She volunteered to read to the class instead.

A big thank-you Honor.

Reading for pleasure

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chapters


In Year 4, we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have been writing our own chapters . These are some extracts from two pupils' writing. 

Extract 1

'In the shiny and noisy chocolate fruit room, Albert and the rest of the golden ticket holders ran into the room and felt flabbergasted. The ginormas, shiny wrapper machine was the biggest thing Albert had ever seen (and he had seen a whale!)'


Extract 2

'Hermione could see a massive Boba Drink. Hermione was a sweet girl but she also got up to mischief and had a silly head on sometimes. Happily, she was licking her lips. 

"They're all mine! Get off them!" Snapped Hermione.