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21.02.22 - Our Virtual Trip

Today our Wesham Walk was cancelled due to the bad weather so we completed a virtual trip.  Here we are with our pretend binoculars, using google maps to help us look closely at our locality.

14/02/22 Maps of our locality

Today we created our own maps of the locality - we focused on labelling different things that we would see on our route and also talked about map symbols.

07/02 - Map of the Classroom

We used art straws on the carpet to make a birds eye view map of the classroom.  We had to decide where different things were and represented them using rectangles and labels.

07/02 - Map Skills

Today we explored different types of maps.  We looked at road maps, building maps, floor plans and tourist maps.  

07/02 - The Earth

Today we used a globe and Google Earth to have a look at the world.  We discussed what the different colours on the globe/Earth.  We found the United Kingdom on the globe and used Google Earth to locate our school.

Animals Around the World

In Year 1 we have been curious learners! We have been learning about the 7 continents and exploring the different animals that come from these. We have looked closer at penguins that come from the Antarctic and thought about why their body parts help them in the cold weather and what behaviours they show to keep warm.