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Gospel Value Heroes

Gospel Hero 24th June

Gospel Hero 18th June

Gospel Heroes 11th June

Gospel Hero

Gospel Heroes 27th May 2022

Thank you Year 2 for demonstrating love, kindness and determination this week. 

Our Gospel heroes 20th May 2022

Gospel Heroes 13th May 2022

Gospel Value Heroes 6th May

Our Gospel Value Year 2 Heroes - George and Tommy have been ‘Above and Beyond’ by showing courage not to give up when something gets tricky and believe in themselves 😍.

Gospel Value Heroes 30th April 2022

Our amazing heroes this week are showing WISDOM by helping their friends make the right choices and going ‘Above and Beyond’ listening in class to improve their English. 😊

Gospel Hero 22nd April 2022

Well done for ‘Above and Beyond’ work in class this week and excelling in the writing you produce Alfred πŸ˜„.

Gospel Hero of the Half Term Forgiveness

Well done Scarlett for being our Forgiveness Hero for always thinking of someone else’s feelings and point of view. 

Gospel Hero 1st April 2022

Well done for standing out in our class for showing great kindness to a friend in a week when we have been filling each other’s buckets with acts of random kindness.

Year 2 Gospel Hero 25th March 2022

Well done for always going above and beyond and never giving up!

Our Gospel Heroes for 18th March - spot any familiar faces?!

Gospel Value Heroes Friday 11th March

Well done to our THREE Year 2 Heroes this week who have been ‘Above and Beyond’ living out our Gospel Values by being courageous, hopeful and respectful. 

4th March 2022 - We have 3 Gospel Value Heroes this week - all for being ‘above and beyond’ brave for different reasons - we are so proud of you 😍

25th February - Our Gospel Value Hero - well done for showing forgiveness and kindness this week. 


Our Gospel Value Hope Hero for the Half Term Spring 1 is Julia.


Well done for always being so positive and helping others to be positive too!

Our Gospel Value Hero - 4th February

Gospel Heroes 28th January. Well done for β€˜Above and Beyond’ in year 2 this week πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

Gospel Value Respect Hero Autumn 2