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During our Harvest topic we looked at other religions and what they do to celebrate Harvest time. We focused on the Jewish celebration Sukkot. We learnt about what they do during Sukkot and made our own Sukkah which we then said a prayer in with the 'four kinds' and had our snack. We thought about how creating a Sukkah for Jewish people must be as exciting as when we put our Christmas trees up! 

Food from Around the World


Today we began our new topic of Harvest by revising the fact that food is harvested all around the world.  We each brought into school a a different food item to share with the rest of the class. We tasted each other's foods and then used the labels to find out which country the foods originated from.  We then used a map to locate these countries and were surprised at how far some of our favourite foods had travelled.



Today we explored different varieties of the same food item - apples.  Our question to investigate was, "Do all apples taste the same?".  We then tasted different apples that had be grown in different parts of the world.  

Our findings...

Some were sweet, some were sour, many were tasty and all of them were different! 

This lesson reminded us about the importance of variety and difference - what something/someone looks like is not important; it is what is inside that counts.