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Thursday 7th October 2022

After studying different pyramids found in Egypt we made them out of play dough for our partner to guess. We know there were red pyramids, bent pyramids, step pyramids and Khafre’s pyramid.  We also found out that the Giza pyramid is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ and is the largest Egyptian pyramid.  We then made a pyramid fact file. 

Monday 3rd October

Today the children found out when and where the Egyptians lived and used a time line to explore key events from Ancient Egyptian times. We became Egyptologist and our first job was to study a picture that was found in a real Egyptian tomb. We noted down any clues that the picture might tell us about Ancient Egyptian times and we will explore this throughout our topic. We now now what the following vocabulary means-ancient, pharaoh, chronological and Nile.