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Jesus Was Special

We have been very interested to hear about all of the stories of Jesus.  We now know how all of these stories prove that Jesus was special because in each story he performs a miracle.  Thea says "a miracle is something that we can't do but Jesus can".  Ava says a miracle is when "Jesus has the power but we don't".

This week in RE we have been looking at the story of when Jesus turned water into wine.  We had a whole class discussion about what a wedding is and when we have attended a wedding. We then watched a video of the story, then we made our own water jugs out of modelling clay. Once we had done this we tested if our water jugs were water tight by tipping water into them! The children did an excellent job!

Monday 23rd January - This week we have been learning about Jesus and the story of 'The stilling of the Storm.'  We talked about the story, then made our own pictures using oil pastels; showing when the storm was calm and then stormy.

Monday 16th January - This week we have learnt about Jesus and the story of 'The calling of the Disciples.' We talked about the story together and discussed who was kind and who was unkind. We then wrote a letter to our parents, pretending we were Peter, and told them about the amazing things that happened.

Monday 9th January -  This week we talked about the Wise Men when they visited Jesus.  We discussed that the Wise Men visited Jesus after everybody else. Then we wrote sentences and drew pictures from the story, to finish we made our own wise men crowns!

Today we heard the miracle of Jesus Feeding the 5000.  We now know that Jesus performed a miracle when he multiplied the boy's 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread into enough food to feed 5000 people.