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Part Part Whole

We worked practically to work out different ways to show the part part to make the whole number. 

Measuring Mass and Weight

We have been comparing and describing the mass and weight of objects using the balancing scales. We have been focusing on the vocabulary heavier, lighter and equal to. 

Measuring Lengths and Heights

We have been using different units of measure using our body parts to measure the length and height of objects and spaces in our classroom and school. We used our arm span to measure the length of the room and our finger span to measure the length of a rubber. 

Ten Frames

We have been looking at number and place value in maths. We have focused on showing different amounts on ten frames in different ways. We were then challenged to say what number the ten frame and counters were showing as quickly as we could use our knowledge of number bonds. 

Maths Week

In maths week we focused on the book Ten Wiggly Wriggly Caterpillars. We enjoyed reading the story and then did lots of maths linked activities such as created mini beasts using 2D shapes, filling in bug number squares and counting different amounts of bugs into jars.

Using maths in real life!

In maths week we have been exploring where we use maths skills in real life. We have been exploring some celebrities and thinking about how their jobs use different elements of maths. Today we have focused on Joe Wicks. We completed one of his work outs and thought about when we had been using maths in it. We saw straight away that he counts down with a timer and also counts how many exercises he is doing. 

Measuring Length

In maths we have been exploring measurement. We have focused on measurement vocabulary and have been looking for objects that were longer than the blue shape but shorter than the piece of paper.  We now know how to compare a group of objects according to their length.