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Wednesday 1st March 2023

During maths we have learnt some new vocabulary and definitions. We now know what volume and capacity means. We compared different containers and the volume of liquid in each. We then tackled the deeper learning. Well done Year 3.

24th February 2023

Over the past few days we have learnt how to divide by repeated subtraction. Today we have solved division word problems using the most efficient way using a number line to help us. 

10th February 2023

During our Maths lessons we have been learning how to measure. We know where to put the ruler and how to measure in cm accurately.

3rd February 2023

NUMBER DAY-Today’s maths lesson involved revising vocabulary, mental methods, written methods and times tables. We decorated t shirts to show a variety of maths skills we have early this year.

5th December 2023

We have been working out division calculations practically using the bead strings.  We were soon able to move pictorially to work out some tricky calculations. 

12th December 2023

Year 3 have been curious to know about the timings of the school day, some lessons go quicker than others so we have learnt to tell the time to the nearest minute.  We now know how many minutes in an hour, how many hours in a day and can tell the time in minutes past and to the hour.