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Year Six Maths Aims


In our class we continually ensure that ALL pupils are given opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills across the maths curriculum. We ensure that the children in Year Six have a good understanding of the four operations and arithmetic. We will then ensure that the children will be inspired to become curious learners who are interested in deeper reasoning problems that are directly linked to the the wider world thus developing their  resilience and confidence to succeed in life.

Maths Coaching

In year six we work together as a team to improve each other’s learning. We develop our resilience by working with our coaches to improve our confidence in answering maths problems. Today we hunting for errors in maths to avoid misconception and deepen our understanding of arithmetic. Year Six worked really hard and did us proud! 

Year Six Maths Revision revision work

This week we will be using to support our revision. This is a fabulous website that allows us to fine tune your child’s learning. If you would like additional tasks set for homework then please message me directly. allows your child to solve challenging problems to maximise their progress.

Year Six maths coaching!



We have spent a considerable amount of time to allow the children in our class to develop a depth of understanding of angles. The children were provided with opportunities to feed their curiosity and they produced some great new learning!


Since this lesson the children have been able to answer questions in our practice assessments with confidence. We also talked about where you can use angles in the real world! Please ask your child to tell you everything that they NOW know about angles! See if you can ask them some questions to solve (link them to the real world). 

Angles Masters!!

Over the last few weeks we have been working incredibly hard on our Arithmetic Skills. Watch this space for photos of your child's new learning! 

Fabulous Arithmetic!

Equivalent Fractions!

Fraction time!