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Thursday 19th May 2022

This week we have been learning all about position and direction. We know how many degrees are in a right angle, that a right angle is a quarter turn and which direction  clock wise and anti-clockwise is.  We directed our partners from one area of the play ground to another using this mathematical vocabulary. 

Thursday 10th March 2022

The children have shown great resilience in maths as we have built on our times table knowledge to multiply bigger numbers using a formal written method and apply this to word problems. 

We helped raise money for the NSPCC by celebrating Number Day.  We took part in the TTRS national challenge, took part in Maths games but our favourite was going head to head with the calculator aka Mrs Davey trying to beat her with our times tables. 😀

We have been using bead strings to show division as repeated subtraction for numbers beyond the multiplication method. The children then went on to learn a more efficient method of devising bigger numbers by subtracting 10 groups of the divisor. 😀

Throughout this week we are learning about Maths through stories.  Today we tuned into a live lesson about doubling.  We listened to the story 'Cuthbert Sees Double' before playing a game of 'Double It' ourselves.  

After reading the story 'Ready, Set, 100' we used what equipment we could find and investigated grouping objects together to make 100 in as many different ways as possible.  The children found out that 4 groups of 25, 5 groups of 20, 2 groups of 50, 20 groups of 5 all make 100.