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What time is it?

The past two weeks we have been becoming time experts in Year 2 and improving our knowledge of clocks and telling the time! Some of us found this tricky at first but we have been resilient and kept on trying and found we are getting better and better at telling the time!

Estimating Capacity

Today we were being curious learners and estimating how many litres of water it would take to fill a bucket!

Exchanging ones for a ten game!

We are using our place value skills to play a game where we are trying to be the first to reach 50 but the rules mean you have to exchange 10 ones for a ten stick to take your next roll of the dice !

Finding Fractions of Shapes and Numbers

We are gaining confidence with fractions in Year 2 as we investigate hales and quarters.

Maths Talk Partners

In Maths we are learning to be resilient and solve puzzles and problems with a Talk Partner. 

Maths Creating Data Lessons

In Maths this week we have been learning the skills of creating and representing our own data using tally charts and pictographs. We found out what our favourite colours were in class 😊.

Statistics Lessons in Maths

This week we have been handling data in Maths and getting to grips with how to read bar graphs and charts and tables. 

Amazing Arrays!!

In Maths we have been learning all about arrays and multiplication of numbers.We can draw arrays and know that they can create 2 different multiplication sums. 

Maths' Week 2021