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Year 2 Finding Missing Numbers

In Maths we have been finding missing numbers using whole part models for addition and subtraction calculations.

Vocabulary to Compare Numbers

Year 2 recalled vocabulary to compare different numbers today. We created our own working wall in the classroom of this vocabulary 😀

Rounding to the nearest ten!

Year 2 have been using number lines to help find the nearest ten that a 2 digit number will round to today. We enjoyed using maths talk with our partners to find the correct answers. 

Reasoning in Maths

We are learning to discuss our reasoning with our talk partners and explain our mathematical thinking using the correct mathematical vocabulary.

Year 2 Can we we compare numbers?

Today Year 2 have been comparing numbers and using the math vocabulary of less then, fewer than, least, greater than, greatest and most.

What tools can we use to help us solve Maths questions?

We were great Team players today in Year 2 as we joined in the Maths Workshop to solve puzzles and use our Maths skills. It was lots of fun.

Year 2 Teamwork in Maths Workshop 🤩

We have been investigating creating numbers with apparatus, jottings and actual numbers to help improve our place value knowledge.

Making numbers

Today we have used the tens and ones equipment to make numbers. We are are learning that numbers can be represented by equipment, Picture jottings and numerals. 

Placing numbers on a number line.

In Maths we have been using our place value knowledge to place numbers on a number line.  We have improved our skills with number lines by estimating where numbers would go if they don’t just go up in 1’s.

How can we make 10 in many different ways?

We have enjoyed exploring different ways of making 10 with our maths buddies and discussing what this looks like on our 10 frames to help us get speedy with our number bonds!