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This week we have been learning about about a new book in English called 'holes'. So far we know where the book is set in and the characters there. We have also learnt more about the setting where the main character gets sent too and a little bit of backstory for our main character.


In Maths we have been learning about fractions such as simplifing fractions, mixed numbers and fractions on number lines for our learning. We also fit two lessons in one day which will help us in the long term!

This week we have also started our Pleasure For Writing session where we can write about any appropriate story that has been hiding in our heads. We were also allowed to create anything we want such as poems, lyrics for songs, drawing and more for our Pleasure For Writing.


Finally, we have now started our Afternoon Maths club where children can participate in the club to improve more so that we can answer more questions in our tests and lessons more efficently and faster. 

-Arnis and Archie

A message from the Head Boy and Head Girl


Hi, welcome to Medlar with Wesham C of E Primary School.
My name is Amy I am Head Girl and I am proud to represent our school. I like doing math and seeing my friends. I have three dogs and lots of fish.

My name is Zane and I am Head Boy and I have to do a half an hour trip to school and back every day but I don't care because I love learning and playing with my amazing class. My favourite subjects are PE, maths, science, English and computing.

Every week, teachers look out for 'gospel value heroes' throughout the school including teachers and pupils. If you get the certificate, you will get hot chocolate or another treat. To get 'gospel value hero' you need to go above and beyond, sometimes everyone gets it! As well as that, children can award teachers for amazing acts of kindness.
Every class has a recognition board which has  four stages you start on the first (which is off the board) and move up to the top by following the main rule at the time which changes once everyone gets to the top you start again with a different rule. Once you get to the top, you get a recognition award which can have a note and a your teachers signature.

Our Gospel Values
Our Gospel Values are faithfulness, hope, wisdom, forgiveness, courage, respect. Each half term one person in every class get a certificate for following the gospel value, every term we change our gospel value, so its a fresh start. Our gospel value at the moment.

We love our school and we want you to see it for your self.