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20.4.2022 This week we had to a very energetic warm-up. We used our knowledge to work out how best to travel with a bean bag on our head- we found out that holding our arms by our side helped us to balance. We then worked on our underarm throwing to develop this skill further. We know that when we are throwing and catching, we need to show resilience in order to succeed.

20.4.2022 Our P.E. stars of the week!

23/3/2022 This week we have been practising our underarm and overarm throws. We showed great resilience because we kept trying even when we found it a bit tricky. We now know that we have to put our right foot forward if we throw with our left hand, and our left foot forward if we throw with our right hand.

AFC PE session

We have enjoyed having AFC in doing PE skills with us. We have been focusing on rolling.