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Pea Plants Progress update - week 1

Shoots are appearing! Some haven’t appeared yet but we now know that this could be for a few different reasons; maybe the seeds were pushed right down to the bottom, maybe they haven’t had enough sun light or water, maybe the seeds were old and won’t actually grow.

Planting Peas

Today we planted peas. We know that they need soil to grow in, sun and rain to help them grow. We are interested to see how they will change over the next few weeks and can’t wait to take care of them!

Wild Flower Planting

Today we planted our own wild flowers. We will care for them and observe then over the coming weeks to watch as the different parts of the plants grow. We now know that the roots and shoots will grow first - we are interested and excited to watch this happen.

Leaf Rubbings

Inspired by our plants and flowers treasure hunt, we took our collected leaves back to class and created some leaf rubs of the different species. 

Plants and Flowers Treasure Hunt

Today we had fun exploring our wider school environment when we went hunting for plants and flowers.  We were curious to find out what kinds of trees the leaves that we found belonged to and we used a key to help us identify them and improve our knowledge.  We now know that birch leaves have serrated edges and go to a point, but a horse chestnut leaf is large, has 5 parts to it and has smooth edges.