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Respect presentation from one of our Year 6

This presentation was created by a Year 6 pupil who was interested to model our three school rules: Ready, Respect, Safe. the impact of this session instantly empowered the pupil to model respect across school. This also encouraged others to have the confidence to come forward and stand up for what they believed in. 


Aspiration development- George

A large group of pupils in Year 6 had the opportunity to work with George to develop resilience, self worth and to provide them with the confidence to recognise that they can succeed in live. The pupils worked with George for 6 weeks. Week after week the children began to open up about their thoughts and feelings which allowed them to feel safe in our school. Children told us that, ' I enjoyed working with George because I never talk about or think about my own feelings.' Another child said, ' I liked George because i found out that I was good at more things that I thought I was.'



Aspiration Development week 2

Debt Aware session!