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Our Differences

We have been thinking about how we are different to others. We thought about what makes our appearances different and then we sat with a partner and interviewed them and thought about our interests, abilities and personal choices are all different too. We enjoyed celebrating our differences! 

16.6.23- Show and Tell

During our PSHE sessions we always start off by getting into a circle and we share something with our friends. Often it is something we have enjoyed at school or home. Today we had a couple of show and tells, Ava wanted to show us her tent that she had made at home using the skills that she had learnt in DT sessions and Thea wanted to shows us a few small stone and shells that she collected from a trip to the beach. 

3.3.23- Our Traits 

We have been discussing things that we are good at. We completed our circle time and told others what our traits are. We said that we are creative, happy, gentle and patient. 


This half-term we have been thinking about families and relationships.  Today, we focused on friendship and what a recipe for friendship would need to contain.  One of the children thought that they needed to kind so that they could make friends with children who they did not know.  We decided that this would need confidence too.  The children said that they would use all the ingredients and share the friendship recipe with others.