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Spring 2 Week 3: What is PSHE

We have been focusing on what PSHE means in Year 2 and how it helps us for our future lives. Although this is a tricky concept we have been using our prior knowledge to help us understand the meaning of PSHE. 

Anti Bullying : Relationships Education

As part of our PSHE curriculum the children learn how to cope with and flourish in different relationships. The skill of asking for help when someone is bullying you is embedded in our PSHE work and how to reach out to others is just as equally important. 

In Year 2 during our PSHE lessons we use Circle Time to talk about how we feel and enjoy playing a game. In PSHE we have been learning how to give each other personal space in our classroom because this makes us all happy and is good for our mental health.

World Cup 2022 PSHE Lesson

Today we discussed the beginning of the World Cup 2022 in PSHE and what we can learn about rules from watching and supporting games. We are learning why we have rules in games. In Picture News lessons we talk with our partners and give our point of view about the big question of the week. 

Our School Council Reps Anastasia and Leighton

Our lessons in self regulation

In PSHE we are learning how our hearts can start to race and we can become hot and bothered and even angry if we are dysregulated. We are learning skills of self regulation by using 5 star breathing to help us calm and relax our bodies and minds.

Transition into Year 2

On our transition into Year 2 in PSHE we carried out a treasure hunt to see where things were in our new classroom and now we know where equipment is kept to help us be good learners.