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Friendships and emotions

For the past few weeks we have spent lots of time discussing our emotions, the children learnt to recognise where in their bodies they might feel anger/ sadness/ happiness! We thought about what we should do if something upsetting happens at school and who we should tell.


This week we thought about our friendships and how we should always treat each other, and our teachers, with kindness and respect. We thought about 'using our power for good' and designed our own superheroes!


Our School Community

We have been thinking about the Community in PSHE this half term. The children can define what a community is and describe our school community. They have all been given an important job to do in school and they have all taken great pride in ensuring they work hard to do their jobs! We made representing our school community, our class focus this week. I have seen amazing examples of children helping each other out, holding doors open for other children and staff and taking pride in keeping our school clean!




In January 2022 we are were thinking about the media and money!


In our first half term, the children leant all about safety. They thought about what safety meant to them. They discussed: online safety, safety at school, safety in the community, safety at home, safety in relationships.


The children created posters on 'How to be safe.' 


Last half term, the children learnt about Well Being. We thought about our physical health and how to keep active, as well as our diets. We also learnt about the difference between physical and mental health. The children all came up with ways that they could look after their mental health, such as walking, reading and talking to a trusted adult.