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Aspiration week- take a look at our visitors!

This week has been AMAZING! We have been celebrating our first Aspiration week here at Medlar with Wesham. Throughout the week we had parents and friends of the school coming to talk about their jobs from scientists to zoom calls from Mexico and everything in between! This week has allowed the Year 6 pupils to get an incite into the world of work and encouraged our pupils to be more aspirational. Thank you to every single one of our visitors! 

Today year six took part in our sponsored run to raise funds for Heartbeat. The children ran 1 mile around our school. The children then showed that we are all part of a Christian Family by running back to help everyone across the line. 

Railway safety talk- Network Rail

Today we had a visit from Network Rail to talk to us about Rail Safety. the children had a fantastic presentation where they discussed the dangers about the railway. The children were given an opportunity to understand how to keep safe in the wider world.

At the beginning of the term we talked to the children about mistakes. We recognised that we make mistakes and that this is a vital part of learning. We discussed the phrase FAIL ( First, attempt, in, learning). The children enjoyed the new learning as they had an opportunity to anonymously share the mistakes that they have made in life. It would be great to talk to your child about any mistakes you have made too- the staff in our class did!