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Are all Churches the same?

This half term in Year 4, we are learning about churches all around the world. 


We explored a big idea- 'The church is the people not the building.'


We studied why Peter and the disciples built the church after the events of Pentecost. The children were all given a rock to hold and explored why Jesus said to Peter that he was the rock on which he would build his church. The children used words to describe Peter and the rock such as 'stable' 'unbreakable' 'reliable' 'trustworthy.'




I challenged the children to a 15 minute research task! They had 15 minutes to find me at least ten different places of worship from Christianity and other faiths. We explored the similarities and differences between these places of worship.


We also thought about what we want to know about churches, as we will be visiting some later in the half term!




Exploring Easter- Betrayal and Trust


This half term we are exploring the Easter story and the themes of betrayal and trust. 

We discussed this with Reverend Anne when she came to see us on Thursday. We thought about why we trust someone and how we decide who to trust.



Jesus the Son of God

We looked at Jesus' power and authority and where it came from. 

In the wider world, we looked at figures who have challenged authority when they thought that something was unfair. We looked at Malala who challenged those who thought girls shouldn't have a right to education. 



We have done lots of learning in RE about Judaism. Before Christmas we learnt all about Hanukkah! We made our own dreidels and learnt about other festivals of light. Recently, we have learnt about the Sabbath.



We have been learning all about Jesus as 'the light of the world.' The children wrote metaphors and psalms to describe their love for Jesus and learnt about how Jesus' love guides us everyday and teaches us how to live out his teachings. 


At Christmas, the children all helped make a wreath to represent the eternal life of Jesus.