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Learning about special places in the Bible.

Year 2 have been improving their knowledge about special places in the Bible. We learnt all about the prayer tent which Moses built to go and talk to God.  We were curious about how this felt and made our own prayer tent in our classroom and wrote our own special prayers. 

Finding out about Symbols of Easter

We enjoyed finding out more about symbols of Easter with Reverend Anne in our church this week. Reverend Anne was very impressed with the knowledge and understanding we already had about the paschal candle and the Easter story. 

RE Lesson Signs and Symbols of Easter

In RE this week we had to think carefully if we agreed/disagreed or maybe agreed if the picture was a sign or symbol of Easter. We had lots of interesting discussions and over the next few weeks will learn that there are lots of symbols which relate to the Easter story. 

RE Lesson: How was Jesus a friend to the sick?

In our RE unit ‘Jesus Friend to Everyone’ year 2 freeze framed and role played how the lepers felt before and after being healed in the time of Jesus. This has allowed to children to explore the impact of Jesus in someone’s life and how we can follow his example by helping the disadvantaged today.

Our Friendship Chain Year 2 

We have been role playing Mary and Joseph trying different doors to the inns in Bethlehem. We imagined what it was like to feel there was - no room at the inn!

We are learning all about the nativity story and the key events. We created nativity scene silhouettes.

We learnt the meaning of the advent wreath and how we prepare for Jesus coming at Christmas.

We are curious about the Bible! Reverend Anne came to visit our class and answered our questions about how she uses the Bible.