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Wednesday 11th January 2023

As part of our unit on rocks and soils, we have learnt how fossils are formed. We now know the fossilisation process from when an animal dies to when a fossil is formed. 

Monday 9th January 2023
We have been thinking about the question ‘What is under our feet?’  We have learned that under the grass there are layers of soils, the earth’s crust, the mantle and the outer and inner core.  We made dirt puddings out of all things chocolatey to help us learn all about this. 

Friday 11th November 2022

After labelling our skeleton we investigated ‘Can people with longer legs jump further than people with shorter legs?’ We worked in groups to measure our leg length. We set up a fair test and each did a standing jump.  We concluded that people with longer legs don’t jump the furthest. We discussed possible reasons why this is the case.