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States of Matter

We have been studying solids, liquids and gasses in Science. We discovered solids have a fixed shape, liquids are arranged randomly but close together and gases are widley spaced apart! The children acted as these particles of solids, liquids and gases.


The Digestive System


This half term we have been learning about the Digestive System. We started learning about the digestive systems, then we investigated food chains. The past two weeks we have been looking at teeth! The children can name their teeth and describe their functions. The children have created posters all about preventing tooth decay. They learnt five techniques on how to prevent tooth decay and why this important. 


We conducted an experiment on the effect of different liquids on the enamel of our teeth. We thought about the enamel of our teeth as being like a protective layer, almost like bubble wrap! We left four eggs soaking in different liquids such as vinegar, coke, milk and orange juice for 5 days. The children were shocked by the results!





This half term we have been learning all about electrical circuits. 


We started by learning about electrical safety and how much we use electricity every day. The children answered the big question, 'what would you do if there was no electricity for the day.'

We learnt how to build different types of electrical circuits, their components and the symbols and what each one does.