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We investigate the changes of state for water today. Here are some pictures of our investigation.


To identify and observe the processes that cause water to change

Changing state


Today we investigated how chocolate changes state when heated. Pieces of chocolate were placed in foil trays and placed in water of different temperatures to see how they changed. The children were amazed watching the chocolate melt.

Today we investigated a variety of fizzy drinks to test how much carbon dioxide they contained. We weighed them when they were fizzy and then stirred them for 2 minutes to get rid of some of the gas. We then weighed them again to see how much gas had been released.

We now know that gases have weight.

The children arranged themselves according to the particles in a solid, liquid or gas. Can you guess which one is which.

Testing toothbrushes


Oh no! We've lost our toothbrushes! We used our 'performing a test' skills to compare objects to see which would make a good toothbrush alternative. 

Sound Science


Year 4 learnt that sounds are vibrations. We also had a go at making sounds on Google's Sound Lab and identifying what made the vibrations. 


Still image for this video

Harvest Live 2022

We took part in NFU's Harvest Live with Year 5.

We set up a fair test to find where to best place in our school grounds is going to be for growing daffodils. 

We watched Harvest Live and answered some questions about their farming experiment.