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Summer Term 1


Life Cycles

The children looked at different animals and their life cycles and started to categorise them depending on their own criteria. This was interesting as they had different ideas which they were able to discuss together and justify their thinking.

Today the children have been learning about the sexual reproduction of plants, specifically asexual plants.

They were given photographs of a variety of plants and asked to sort them according to their own criteria. This stimulated some interesting discussions with the children justifying their reasoning.

We have been discussing the life cycle of plants and how they reproduce.

Today we dissected a flower to get a close look at its reproductive parts. The children were able to identify parts and write a short explanation about one of them using scientific vocabulary.

Investigating the reproductive parts of a flower

In today’s lesson we were learning about the difference between mass an weight as part of our lesson on gravity.

The children used Newton meters to measure the amount of gravity acting upon objects and compared this to the weight of them.

Investigating gravity.