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Shape, Space and Measures


This week we have been learning about spheres, pyramids, cuboids and cubes (which we found out were special cuboids).  We were curious to find out about these shapes and enjoyed investigating their properties.  We now know that a cube is a special cuboid because it has six square rectangle faces which are all the same size.  We investigated this by making a cube using a net of the shape.

We used our cube to make a dice and were interested to learn that the opposite sides of a dice add up to make 7. We used our dice to warm-up for P.E. If we threw a six we had to do six star jumps! Look at us go!

3D Shapes in real life

Today we used our knowledge of 3D shapes and their properties to complete a hunt around the classroom for real life, 3D shapes.  We were very interested to find shapes in the real world.  We now know that a sphere has 1 curved face and can roll in a straight direction because it is fully round.

This week we have been learning about circles, triangles, square rectangles and oblong rectangles.  We have been exploring their properties, finding them in the classroom environment and identifying the shapes which do not belong to the circle, triangle and rectangle families.