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Goodbye and Good Luck!

Today we said goodbye to Miss Collinson who has been with us twice this year for two placements whilst she is training to be a teacher. She has been a massive help in class and we will all miss her a lot! We wish her lots of luck as she goes into her second year of university. 

Father's Day

To celebrate Father's Day we have created portraits of a person that is a Father figure in our lives. 

Make The Rule Day- 

We have been thinking about democracy in class this week. We all decided on one rule that we thought we could follow in the class for a day, then we voted for the top 3 that we wanted to do. Our top three were- 

1. Bring a teddy to school 

2. Extra playtime on the trim trail 

3. Watch a film 

We have had a great day choosing our own rules! We were able to use our teddies during our maths activity too when we were thinking about positional vocabulary such as above, below, on top of and in front of. We thought again about democracy when choosing the film we watched. We all brought 50p in per rule raising money for the PTA. Great day had by all! 


As part of our PSHE, mental health and well being, we had a special Yoga Day in school.  We loved learning the different Yoga poses (tree pose, owl, frog plus many more).  We now know that Yoga is good for your mental health and wellbeing as well as helping us to improve our flexibility.  We felt calm and relaxed after our session and would love to do it again in the future.

Coronation Activities

What a fabulous week we have had at school this week celebrating the King's Coronation. We have completed activities in church linking with history about the King, we have created King Charles artwork and then presented those to our parents, we have made pop art inspired crowns to wear, had a coronation lunch, we have sang coronation songs, had a bake off competition and sale and finally finished the week with afternoon tea in church. We are all ready and looking forward to watching and celebrating the King's Coronation this weekend! 

24.04.23 40 Days of Prayer

As part of the Church’s 40 days of prayer, we had reverend Anne visit our classroom today. She talked about using a prayer hand to help us when praying and we now know that the thumb reminds us to pray for those who are closest to us, our pointy fingers helps remind us to pray for those who point us in the right direction, the index finger being the tallest reminds us to pray for those who lead us, the ring finger is our weakest finger so this reminds us to pray for those who are sick or in trouble and finally our little finger reminds us to pray for ourselves and our own needs.

30.3.23- Open Classroom

It was lovely to show the parents and guardians our History books during the open classroom. Lots of happy and proud faces! 

23.3.23- RNLI visit

Thank you to RNLI for coming in and showing and telling us all about how to be safe near water and what happens if we are ever in need of help whilst in the water. 

Red Nose Day 2023

The children have come into school wearing something red to raise money for Comic Relief. We have thought about why it is kind and generous to donate to this charity as it helps others. 



Today we were thinking about the wider world and hearing all about fair trade from our year 6. We now know about the symbol of fair trade and where we can buy the fair trade products.

02/03/23 World Book Day 2023

We have had a fantastic day celebrating books and reading! All the children came dressed in something 'SPaG' related or as a book character. We then focused on our book of the week 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book'. We did lots of activities around that story such as baking cakes like the Queen's cake, seeing if items floated or sank like the pirates ship, explored porridge oats like Goldilocks, made shields for the knight and created wanted posters for the thief. Well done Y1! 


All aboard the Polar Express!
We have made and decorated snow biscuits to eat while we watch The Polar Express.  This is our treat for working so very hard this term.  We got our tickets and snuggled up with our teddies then set off: Chug, chug, chug, wooo, wooooo!



Today was our Christmas fair.  We had made Christmas decorations and biscuits to sell.  We also had ‘make your own reindeer food’ on our stall.  It had reindeer nip (dried carrot and apple) in it, which Rudolph will not be able to resist🦌



All this week, we have been champions in school, thinking about other children who need our help.  Today we were fabulous fundraisers as we wore our own clothes and made a donation to Children in Need.  We made our own bookmark to help us remember the day.


Maths Adventure Workshop

Year 1 have had a busy afternoon, using numbers to solve puzzles on a Maths adventure.  Some of the tasks were quite tricky, but we tried our best and were resilient which made our quest a successful (and fun) one.

Teach Your Parent Workshop:

Today we had our first 'teach your parent' workshop and we were very excited to share with our parents the skills and knowledge that we have collected as part of our art unit this term.  We were confident learners who were able to teach our parents how to use watercolours and collage to create pieces of art that represented the Great Fire of London.  We had such fun! 

Poet Visit - Paul Cookson

As part of national poetry week we had a special visit from a real life poet, Paul.  He helped us to write a simple poem - we now know that all you need to create a poem is rhythm - it doesn't have to rhyme.

Sports Day 15.9.2022

Hooray! The sun was shining down on us this afternoon as we took to the field and ran our socks off during all of our races.  We rushed in the running race, persevered in the potato race and wibble-wobbled in the egg and spoon racelaugh.  We showed true resilience and didn't give up even when the going was tough.  We cheered everyone on and had fun while keeping our hearts healthyheart.