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Still Life

Final copies of Cezanne's work

Look at our final compositions!  We were so pleased and proud of our final copies and now know how to achieve success by applying the knowledge and skills that we have learnt.

Colour Mixing

As we look more closely at Cezanne's art technique we notice the many different colours and shades used to create a 3D looking painting.  We are learning the painting skills and techniques that will help us achieve the desired outcome and are building our confidence in creating realistic pieces of artwork.  We have been curious to learn how important colour mixing is to creates shades and tones.  Here we are exploring colour mixing with water colours to create our different shades ad tones.

Creating a background

To begin our 'copies' of Cezanne's work - we firstly created our backgrounds.  We were curious to learn that even block colours are made up of many different colours.  We now know how to create a background using watercolours.

Inspiration from Cezanne

Using Cezanne as our inspiration, we attempted to recreate some of his paintings.  We now know how difficult it is to be an artist!

Observational Drawings

Observational Drawings:

Today we started a new unit - Still Life.  We used Paul Cezanne's 'three apples' paintings to inspire us.  We looked at fruit; particularly apples, and created observational drawings and paintings.