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Week: 13th March

This week in circle time, we spoke about what makes a good friend. The children came up with very thoughtful ideas such as listening to each other, sharing, using kind words, helping each other, playing each others games, giving them a cuddle when they are sad and saying sorry when we make mistakes. 

In Maths, we have been revising ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ of a number and ordering numbers out of sequence. We also learnt about odd and even numbers. We learnt that odd numbers can’t be shared evenly but even numbers can’t. Mrs Boughey taught us a rhyme about Bod and Stephen, the number crunchers. We also used counters to find out if numbers were odd or even. 

We were able to share our Drawing club work to our grown ups. The children loved talking about their work and grown ups were very impressed with all their super hard work! 

In P.E, we looked at different ways of travelling. We got out the apparatus and looked at different ways we could go through them; forwards, backwards and sideways. We also balanced beanbags on our heads and tried to travel in different ways, we even tried to touch our feet whilst still balancing the beanbag on our head. We definitely used resilience for that challenge!

We have been reading with our reading partners in phonics. We take it in turns to listen to each other read and encouraged each other. 

In art, we have been making something special for this weekend. We used different paints and carefully stencilled on our design. We took lots of time and care to make it. 

On Friday, we wore something red for Red Nose Day. Thank you for all your donations for this worthy cause.