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Week: 17th April

This term, our topic is all about growth. What better way to start than planting our own seeds to see what happens. We carefully put soil in a pot and put the seeds in. We then covered the seed with more soil and watered it. We spoke about watering the seed just enough and not too much. We will be observing what happens and learning how to look after our seeds. 

In P.E, we are starting to get ready for sports day. We split into two teams and we had to collect as many cones as we could. We spoke about sportsmanship; to play fairly and follow the rules, to say well done to the team that won and cheer others on. We also revisited jumping for distance and remembering hoe to bend our knees, our arms go behind and then swing forward as we jump. It was lovely to do PE outside!

In Art, we looked at print painting. We looked at lots of different types of flowers and used different resources to make our own flower. We looked carefully at what shapes we needed and choose bright colours. We had to press the objects onto the paper then lift it off trying not to smudge it. 

In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering numbers. We have been making our own number lines, we even used counters and dinosaurs to make our own number line. We have been revisiting more and less. 

In R.E, we looked at the religion Islam. It is coming to end the end of Ramadan, this is when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. At the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate. This is called Eid. We watched a video on how they prepare for Eid such as cleaning their house, putting decorations up, having Henna on their hands and arms and visiting their Mosque. This is their place of Worship. We looked back at when we learnt about Christmas and spoke about all the similarities there were about how both Christians and Muslim’s prepare for their special day. In class, we decorated hands and built our own Mosques. 

In Literacy, we learnt about George and the Dragon. We learnt about how George became a Saint. We wrote sentences to describe the dragon and George. We also wrote instructions on how to plant a seed. First, we learnt actions to each step and then we used these actions to help us remember the sentences. We used our Fred fingers to sound out the words and remembering our finger spaces and full stops.