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Week 2

We have loved playing in our jungle! We have been driving in our jeep looking for different aisles we would find in Africa. 

In Literacy, we have been reading the story ‘We are going on a Lion Hunt.’ We have looked at the difference and the similarities in the bear hunt and lion hunt. We also spotted that there were different animals hiding in the Lion Hunt. 

In phonics, we have been busy learning new sounds and practising writing words and sentences with these sounds in. 

We went on our own hunt, we climbed under, over and through our climbing area. We used our skills we have learnt to jump. climb and balance.

In Maths, we revised the part, part, whole model. We looked at parting numbers in different ways. We used cubes and also drew objects to help us partition numbers.

In Art, we looked at what silhouettes are. We looked at different paintings featuring silhouettes. We looked at different animal silhouettes and guessed what animal it was. We ladder African animals to our sunset pictures. We carefully dabbed the black paint over the stencils. Look at the results! 

In R.E, we listened to the story; Joseph and the dream coat. We spoke about how it feels when we receive gifts and we shared our experiences of receiving and giving gifts.