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Week: 20th February

In Maths, we looked at adding two numbers together. We looked at the vocabulary addition, altogether, and noticed the number gets bigger when we use addition. We used dominoes to add numbers together and lots of other equipment. 

In Drawing Club, we looked at the story The Tiger who came for tea. We transformed our role play area and took it in turns to pretend to be the tiger. On Friday the tiger wrote to say he couldn’t come for tea and wanted us to think of another animal we could invite. The children thought of lots of different animals; giraffe, monkey, sloth and even a turtle. We drew pictures of the animals and wrote the animals name using our phonics knowledge. 

In PE, we practised our jumping and running at speed. We also learnt how to walk like a caterpillar. We had to walk our hands out so we were in the plank position then bring our feet into our hands. We found this quite tricky but we didn’t give up. 

In Science, we learnt about the life cycle of a chicken. Did you know a hen will incubate the egg (this means sitting on it to keep it warm) for 20 days before it is ready to hatch! We made a life cycle plate and then decorated it in bright colours. 

In art, we learnt how to make a slot join. We made the cafe that Sophie and her parents went after the tiger had eaten all their food. First we designed our cafe, making sure it had a door and windows. Then, we cut slots on the sides of the card making sure we didn’t cut all the way across the paper. We then carefully put one piece of card into the other card using the slots to join the card. What a fabulous job we did!😊