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Week 24th April

In Art, we have been looking at mono printing. We painted on the back of a baking tray using acrylic paint. We found only using a little bit of paint works better! We then use a cotton bud to draw our flower. We looked at different types of flowers to see which one we would choose. We then carefully put a piece of paper over the tray and carefully pressed down. We had to be careful not to move the paper otherwise it would smudge. We then peeled off the paper and we all were amazed at our masterpieces. 

In Maths, we have been revisiting addition and subtraction. The children are getting very confident in solving these number sentences. We mixed up addition and subtraction sums so the children had to make sure they were carefully reading the sum. We used resources to help solve them. We have also been looking at our Numberbonds to 10. We used our Numicons to find the numbers that together make 10. 

Look at how big our caterpillars are getting! We are enjoying observing the changes.