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Week: 28th February

In maths, we have been looking at taking away a digit from another number. We have been reading the number sentences and using our maths equipment to help us find the answer. We have spotted the answer is smaller than our original number which is opposite to adding numbers together. 

We have been looking at using the internet safely. In class, we enjoy using the computer to research about things and finding out answers to questions we have but we also know we need to be safe. We were sent some questions from characters from books and we were challenged to give good advice when using technology online. We gave really good answers to the characters to make sure they made the right choices. 

In art, we have been looking at mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We used water colours and made a background using red and yellow to make orange or blue and yellow to make green. We carefully added a little water to our brush then mixed the colours. 

We had a fabulous day on Thursday. We all came dressed as our favourite book character or a describing word. We had lots of activities to do based on books. We sorted our colours for our colour monster, decorated the rainbow fish, made tiger masks for the tiger who came to tea and retold the story of the gingerbread man using puppets. We made our own book marks and shared even more stories together than usual. We spoke about books unlocking our imagination and how special reading a story with each other is.