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Week 3

This week, we have been looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood. We spoke the setting and acted out the story together. We loved having a go at being the wolf!

We spoke about stranger danger and the importance of being safe when we are out and also when we are online. 

We turned the Jungle into a Vet centre; to look after the sick animals. We have some fantastic and caring vets.




In maths, we practised our counting skills. We counted objects up to 20. We looked at ‘teen’ numbers and used our numinous to make numbers with a ten frame. 

We revisited our map of Wesham and decided to make a map from a place in Africa. We chose Uganda. We looked at pictures of memorials, churches, schools and shops. We spoke about the similarities and differences of our town and theirs.

In P.E, we looked at different rolls we can do. We did teddy bear rolls, pencil rolls and forward rolls. 
We also developed our gross motor skills, using wands. We made lots of different movements and even practised our letter formation. 

In R.E, we listened to the story of Moses being found in the basket. We talked about people’s feelings; Moses mother and the princess who found Moses. We also practised our acting skills by using freeze frames.