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Week: 31st October

This week, we are learning all about Diwali. Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. It is also known as the festival of light. 

In worship, Mrs Panther talked to us all about All Saints day. This is a day we celebrate all the Saints. We spoke about what makes a Saint, people who made the right choices, people who didn’t give up and people who care and look after others. In class, we spoke about how we can let our light shine and make a positive difference.  We carved hearts and stars out of our pumpkins, we really enjoyed taking all the seeds out. At first we used spoons then we decided to use our hands. We wrote on the pumpkins how we will shine our lights. 

In maths, it is all about the number 6. We have been finding 6 in the classroom. We have been counting 6 objects, remembering to count one at a time. We have been writing 6 and finding out what two numbers can make 6 together. 

In PE, we have been revising how to correctly throw underarm. We have been remembering what makes a good underarm throw; holding the beanbag in our hand, opposite foot in front to help us balance and our other hand in front pointing to where we are aiming. We were pretending we were throwing stars onto their bases. We learnt how to jump off a platform and perform a star jump and we balanced on a beam. To make this activity trickier, Mrs Prince had to turn the bench over to make it narrower as we were so good!
We had just enough time to play one of our favourite games: The bean game.