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Week: 6th March

In Maths, we have been looking at doubling. We used play dough and ladybirds mats to double the spots and

we used numicons on ladybirds. The children are getting quick at answering doubling questions. For example, what’s double 3? 

One of our challenges this week is to make a pig mask. The children were asked to make the colour pink by mixing red and white. We used our knowledge from previous lessons that adding white makes the colour lighter. The children gradually added white to get a pink they wanted then we got busy painting our mask. 

We have been working hard to write words using our phonics knowledge. We have been sounding out the words and remembering how to form our letters correctly. 

In Art, we added to our water colour paintings. We made a house from the three little pigs. We choose which material we would add; sticks, shredded paper or paint. We carefully used sponges and dipped it in red paint and dabbed the paint on the paper, added glue to our paper and lined up sticks or glued the paper and added the shredded paper. 

When we saw the snow, we couldn’t resist but go and enjoy it. We counted how many snowflakes we could catch and still managed to find signs that Spring is on its way. 

In P.E, we practised throwing and catching a beanbag. We remembered to keep our eyes on the beanbag and have our hands ready to catch it. We also played a listening game. We had to listen to the instructions and remember what action to do. We had lamppost, driving forward, changing direction, speed bump, stop and even added in reverse. 

In this snowy weather we thought we would do some painting and colour mixing in the snow. We scooped up the snow, added powder paint and water and used different brushes to mix the paint. We had so much fun!!