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Week: 8th May

In Maths, we have been looking at height. We have been ordering our dinosaurs and towers in height order and using the language taller and shorter, tallest and shortest. We also revisited weight, we had lots of items to choose the lightest and heaviest using our weighing scales to check our prediction. 

We had a visitor in school to teach us all about Yoga. We listened to calm music and did some yoga moves such as the cow, the cat and the downwards dog. We felt all very calm and relaxed after our session. 

In science, we are looking at germination. We spoke about what a plant needs to grow: water and sunlight. We wondered what happened beneath the soil when we planted a seed so we put a seed in a bag with a wet paper towel and put it on our window. We wondered which window brought in the most sunlight so we put another bag with a seed and wet paper towel on another window. We will be watching the seeds carefully to see what happens.