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Week Four

In Maths, we have been looking at height and length. We have been doing lots of activities such as making octopus’s and making their tentacles longer and shorter than each other. This activity also helped with strengthening our hand muscles as we used a hole puncher and then threaded the ribbon through. We were curious as to who was the tallest and smallest in our class so we measured each other. We showed fantastic team work. We then found different animals in our classroom and put the in height order. 

Mrs Prince brought in some shells from the beach. We enjoyed looking carefully at the shells and talking about the detail, how they feel and all the different colours. 

We loved our ‘break the rules’ day. We came in our clothes, had biscuits for our snack and watched Shark Tale. Even though we broke some rules, all children continued to show our school rules of safe, ready and respect.