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Week Seven

This week, we had our first dance lesson with Miss Leah. We did lots of stretching to warm up then danced with our ribbons. We were curious to see how many different patterns we could make. We showed off our funky moves and did fabulous counting to keep in time with our group dance. 


This term we are learning about dinosaurs. This week we have been learning about Mary Anning. She loved finding fossils and knew lots of facts about dinosaurs. We were curious what fossils would look like so created our own in playdoh and also wondered if there were any fossils in our sand. We used paint brushes as we know the bones will be fragile. We also wrote our own sentences about Mary Anning. 

We have been cleaning the dinosaurs and making lots of areas for our dinosaurs to live in our classroom. We have used our ‘mini me’s’ to visit dinosaur lands that we have created. We have been teaching Mrs Prince and Miss B all the dinosaurs names. We are curious about this topic and have been thinking about all the questions we want to find out about them.